Study in Ireland | Student Visa/Work Permit Requirements & Instructions

If you have decided to study in Ireland, you are welcomed by the country of educational excellence. You have to inform about the available institutions and courses for the international students, different requirements and visa in Ireland.

Why Study in Ireland, Know about Studying in Ireland?

Generally international students chose Ireland to study there for its safe environment, available courses in English, education excellence, culture and innovative and creative systems. There are about 34 higher institutions in Ireland offer about 500 internationally recognized programmes.   Longstanding reputation for high quality education is built on commitment to excellence in Ireland. Beside these, the Irish Government invests over 782 million in different sector of research in Ireland’s higher education institutions annually. Read More

Study in Denmark

Study in Denmark | Student Visa/Permit Requirements & Instructions

In terms of innovation Danish universities are known for being leaders.  The universities of Denmark are keen in investing in world class research facilities. If you have decided to study in Denmark, you are welcomed by this world of latest knowledge in fields of health, engineering, social sciences and many others. The university learning system is based on a student-centered learning. So, you can enjoy your study there freely without having any extra pressure. Read More

China Work Permit

Study in China | Complete Education Guide & Studying in China

China offers many attractive options for international students with a high quality. With increasing growth of economic, China is also focusing on education. As china invests more in education, students gets a lots of opportunities.

China offers the international students to study at all levels of higher education. English is usually used in most of the program and courses but some courses are taught by Chinese. At present, the numbers of courses are increasing and these are taught in English. Depends on the Chinese universities, students can use English in your courses otherwise you have to learn Chinese official language. Read More

Study in Belgium

Study in Belgium | Study Visa Information & Requirements

Depending on the course duration, Belgium offers student visa to the international students. Many reputed universities of Belgium offers different courses for their international and national students.

Why Study in Belgium?

It is said that, Belgium is in the heart of Europe located in a short train ride away from major cultural cities Paris or Berlin. As a junction of Europe, Belgium is famous for its multiculturalism and friendly attitude toward international students. Read More

Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic | Study Visa Information & Requirements

The student is not a Czech or EU national or not a family member of a Czech or EU national is treated as third country national. He/she needs either a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit if he/she wants to study in the Czech Republic for a period longer than three months. According to the Czech law, in order to exhibit the purpose of stay, the meaning of the term “studies” must be met. Read More

Study in Canada

Study in Canada | A Guide About Education and Studying in Canada

Canada welcomes more than 130,000 international students each year. It is a dream of many students of different country to have a degree from here. A study permit is must if you are determined to study in Canadian educational institution. After getting a study permit, you can start to make your dream true in Canada at an approved institute for the duration of the specified course or program. Read More